Syntech is not your typical catalog based sign company.  We specialize in high-quality, unique signage, that is tailored around the users experience. Our attractive, interior, architectural signage, includes ADA compliant signage, wayfinding signage, identification signage, donor recognition signage, and just about anything you can dream up.


ADA Consulting

Syntech Signs has over 23 years of ADA sign fabrication experience. With our extensive knowledge of the ADA Compliance Guidelines we are able to help our clients' with their sign designs.   


At Syntech, we employ state of the art equipment that allows our expert staff to achieve brilliant results. Our extensive knowledge base and cutting-edge equipment allow us to consistently control the entire fabrication process using a vast array methods and materials including eco-friendly solutions. Further, each production team member collaborates with one another as well as the design and sales staff to insure unsurpassed quality in the final product.


Successful Project Management begins well before the first cut is made in fabrication. Our management staff closely collaborates with the client from the initial point of contact. Once it is determined that a project suits our areas of expertise, we continue to plan, communicate, and problem solve with the client. This initial stage insures that the project is successfully delivered as promised in a timely fashion and on budget.

As each project moves through the fabrication phase, our project managers continue to monitor, schedule, and track the project as an advocate for the client. By attending to every detail throughout the process, the client can rest assured that their project is being professionally handled with their best interests at heart.